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There are several options available besides in-ground burial, such as entombment in mausoleums.  Cremated remains may be placed in columbarium niches.

New columbarium for cremated remains in Calvary section 1 and Mary, Queen of Peace cemeteries. These are single and double niches including the nameplate.

Call for details 814-838-7724

Entombment is the interment or placement of a body in a tomb or mausoleum.  Either the casket can be placed in a crypt space or a cremation urn can be placed in a niche. A crypt space or niche is an individual compartment within the mausoleum or columbarium.

Lawn Crypts provide the most economy for in-ground interment. One price includes grave, a double-tier concrete outer crypt, and a bronze family memorial with vase, on granite. Each lawn crypt and drain field has been scientifically designed and engineered to create a clean, dry burial space. 

Lawn Crypt Packages also available at Gate of Heaven and Mary, Queen of Peace Cemeteries. CALL for pricing and details.